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Chris Leben finishes his career with brutal first-round knockout at BKFC: KnuckleMania

Ultimate Fighter season 1 competitor Chris Leben will finish his career as a winner.

In his retirement fight on Friday night at BKFC: KnuckleMania, “The Crippler” put on a signature performance capped off by a brutal left hook that put opponent Quentin Henry down and out on the canvas.

The stoppage came at just 1:07 into the first round.

“What a f**king way to finish a career right there,” Leben shouted after having his hand raised for the final time. “I wanted somebody that was going to swing like a motherf**ker at me and I knew Quentin was going to do that.

“That’s how I wanted to finish my career. Thank you to Quentin and thank you to BKFC for that opportunity.”

The ending of the fight came after a strange start as Leben and Henry started throwing bombs as soon as the round began. The fighters got locked in a clinch with Leben throwing a flurry of uppercuts and just as the referee separated the fighters, Henry fell to the ground clutching his eye.

Replays showed that Leben caught Henry with a clean punch so the referee advised if the fight was stopped, it would be declared a TKO finish.

Henry took some time to recover and as soon as the fight got restarted, the light heavyweights were once again throwing bombs at each other.

Leben wasted no time closing the distance to throw punches from the inside and that’s when he clipped his opponent with a right hand that rattled him and a left hand behind it that put Henry on the canvas for the final time. Unable to answer the 10 count from the referee, Henry was out and Leben celebrated his retirement fight with a victory.

The 40-year-old veteran first started competing back in 2002 and spent the majority of his career in the UFC. He eventually made his way to bare-knuckle boxing where Leben amassed a 3-1 record overall before retiring from combat sports on Friday night.

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