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Courteney Cox Looks Stunning at 60 with this Full-Body Workout


Courteney Cox turned 60 on June 15, 2024, and looked stunning while crushing a full-body workout in a recent social media clip. With motivational friends like her, age really is just a number.

In an Instagram post updating her more than 15 million followers, Cox, who starred in Friends, Cougar Town, and the Scream movies, amongst other famous projects, showed that nothing replaces hard work and dedication when it comes to staying in shape. “So, I’ve just had a birthday,” said the star. “Don’t love the number, but we have a choice. You just gotta do the best you can.”

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Courteney Cox Tips For Looking Young?


The beloved actor is a prime example of how a fit and toned body can shave years off an individuals appearance. Of course, exercising is also a great way to raise your endorphins, flush away toxins, and gain the overall glow that comes from smashing a great session in the gym.

Courteney Cox’s Full-Body Blast Workout:

Seated Machine Row

The seated row machine will tone and build muscle in your biceps and middle back, helping to give you a defined shape. Whether you want to look great on the red carpet, or just want to make a positive change to your physique, the seated row is a great tool. If your gym doesn’t have this machine, swap it out for the seated cable row.

Treadmill Run

No matter your shape or size, running on a treadmill will torch calories. In fact, 30 minutes of running could burn around 300 calories for a 155-pound person. If you weigh 185-pounds, you could expect to burn over 350 calories. (source: ) For this reason, running is one of the most efficient ways lose weight if you maintain a calorie deficit. Plus, running moves every muscle in the body from your feet to your neck.

Seated Machine Chest Press

With the seated machine chest press you can work the main muscles of the chest; your pectorals, without the need for a bench spotting partner. Unlike the bench press, the seated machine chest press isolates the movement, making it great for beginners because you don’t need to worry so much about the stabilizing muscles. The seated option is great for more volume and toning, while the bench press is a more advanced option for recruiting more muscle fibers and adding greater mass. (source: )

Dip Bar Leg Raises

If you were wondering how Courteney Cox maintains such an impressive core, an answer certainly lies with these dip bar leg raises. You’ll target your abs, but also your lower back, hamstrings, hip flexors, triceps, and shoulders, meaning that this is a seriously fit and functional movement to include in your workouts. (source: )

Kettle Bell Sumo Squats

The wide stance of the kettle bell sumo squat targets the hip adductors and the inner-thighs, making this a great move for toning the legs and hips. You will also engage the core as you maintain an upright position. (source: H )


Challenging but so rewarding when you get there, chin-ups tax your biceps, shoulder muscles, lower back, and deep spinal stabilizers. Not only is the humble chin-up great for building strength and toning, but it will also improve your posture and mobility too.

Cox’s “Cryotherapy” For Recovery

Okay, so Cox’s version of cryotherapy has her climbing out of the freezer in a skit that reminds us of her alter ego Monica from Friends, but having fun is one of the keys to staying consistent with workout sessions. Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, may improve muscle pain, sprains, and other ailments, but always seek medical advice and stay out of your household chiller!

“Happy Birthday Courteney! You’re rocking 60,” wrote one follower after seeing Cox’s impressive workout. “You’re killing it!” wrote another. Congratulations on looking so stunning at 60, from all at M&F!

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