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Daniel Straus arrest details say former champ allegedly stabbed female victim in abdomen

Former Bellator featherweight champion Daniel Straus is alleged to have struck a female victim multiple times before stabbing her with “a sharp instrument.”

The details come via an arrest affidavit filed with the Hollywood (Fla.) Police Department, which MMA Junkie obtained Monday. Straus (26-9 MMA, 12-6 BMMA) was arrested last Friday in Florida and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

According to the arrest affidavit, Straus and the female victim have been involved in “an on and off intimate relationship” with each other for the past three years.

The victim stated that on Jan. 21, the two began arguing via text message, and Straus showed up at her place of employment to discuss the disagreement. The victim then walked outside and eventually entered her parked vehicle with the intention of leaving. She said that Straus then entered the vehicle via the passenger door and initially refused to exit.

The victim stated she then left the vehicle and Straus followed, at which point the argument escalated. Straus then allegedly pushed the victim, and she pushed him back. As she then attempted to get back into her vehicle and leave, the victim said she “was struck multiple times by the defendant and fell to the ground.”

The victim said Straus then got in his car and fled the scene. As the victim returned to her car and drove away, as well, she began receiving multiple calls from Straus, saying that he was at her apartment. Rather than meet him there, the victim says she was concerned about potential destruction of her property and drove to Straus’ residence, instead, in hopes of obtaining the spare key she had given to him.

Once inside Straus’ residence, the victim alleged she tried to get Straus to return her key. At some point, she said Straus told her, “You don’t know me, I’ll stab you,” before later physically pushing her out of the door. The victim says she then said, “You’re big and bad, what are you gonna do? Stab me?”
At that point, the victim alleges Straus reached around to his backside and then used a sharp instrument to stab her in the abdomen. Due to the speed of the sequence, the victim said she “was unable to describe the cutting instrument,” according to the police report.

The victim said Straus then followed her for a few steps as she tried to leave before returning to his residence. She then sought assistance from neighbors, who drove her to a local hospital where she “received a few stitches to close the puncture wound,” according to her statement.

In addition to the puncture wound, the arrest affidavit said the victim also suffered “a large contusion to her right eye.”

According to the affidavit, The victim did not initially wish to provide a statement to the responding detective but eventually said she will fully cooperate with the state attorney’s office. Further, the victim said she “is in complete fear of the defendant and feels that if he is not apprehended that he will come after her and cause further harm to her for notifying the police.”

As of Monday, Straus currently remains in jail on a $100,000 bond, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

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