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Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul ‘freak show’ had Joe Rogan ‘giddy with excitement’

The dust is starting to settle on Sunday’s boxing exhibition between all-time great Floyd Mayweather and YouTube star Logan Paul.

And while there wasn’t a declared winner per the ruleset in place before the fight in Miami, Paul picked up what many are going to consider a moral victory just by going all eight rounds with Mayweather, who has never lost a fight.

Both fighters raked in millions for the pay-per-view headliner, and that’s part of what longtime UFC analyst Joe Rogan said he appreciates about an event he also said was a “freak show.”

“First of all @FloydMayweather is a fucking genius in more ways than one,” Rogan posted on Instagram on Monday. “He’s arguably the greatest boxer of all time, and in the twilight of his career he’s managed to make hundreds of millions of dollars fighting people who really don’t have a chance to beat him. Just fucking genius. He’s figured out a way to compete into his 40s and make more money than any other boxer alive. It’s really incredible.”

Paul was the other half of that “genius” equation for making some big bucks for a night’s work, plus training. Paul’s pro boxing record was 0-1 coming in with a loss to KSI in 2019. The Mayweather bout won’t count against his pro record.

Much of the fight was spent in the clinch, and the official stats showed 28 punches landed by Paul for a clip just short of 13 percent. But regardless of the paltry numbers, Rogan thinks Paul should be commended.

“… Just going 8 hard rounds with a superb multi division world champion like Floyd is pretty fucking incredible,” Rogan posted. “He survived and he even managed to land a few punches. Just the fact that he had the endurance to do the 8 rounds is really fucking impressive. When you’re in there with a master like Floyd he’s constantly pressuring you and he’s so efficient and composed that he never fades.”

Check out Rogan’s full post below.

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