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Israel Adesanya fires back after Jon Jones tweets about Adesanya’s father: ‘Dead or alive, keep my family out of this’

Israel Adesanya | Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Israel Adesanya could only let Jon Jones’ Twitter fingers go unchecked for so long.

Despite competing in different divisions, the two UFC stars have been feuding for months now, with Adesanya teasing a move up to light heavyweight—or even heavyweight should that be where Jones ends up—to someday fight Jones. Adesanya’s successful middleweight championship defense against Paulo Costa this past Saturday at UFC 253 was followed by Adesanya reiterating that he still wants “to f**k up Jon Jones.”

Jones responded by saying he “would literally tear one of [Adesanya’s] arms off” if they fought and followed that up on Wednesday with a series of tweets taking shots at Adesanya.

One comment about Adesanya’s father—who Adesanya has said has played a significant role in guiding his career—seemed to strike a nerve with “The Last Stylebender” and he answered by writing that Jones’ mother would be “disappointed in who you’ve become.”

“My pops already told me how I’d beat you,” Adesanya wrote. “Trust me, he knows. Your mom would be disappointed in what you’ve become.”

Jones’ mother Camille, a diabetic, died in June 2017.

Sensing a potential backlash, Adesanya has already followed up on his comments regarding Jones’ mother, offering a pair of reasons to justify his response:

“1) Jones first called me out on TMZ, then I responded and here we are,” Adesanya wrote.

“2) Jones brought my family into this. Dead or alive keep my family out of this cuz this is my job.

“He starts it, I always finish it.”

Jones has yet to acknowledge Adesanya’s response, but below you can read the other comments he made prior to bringing up Adesanya’s father Oluwafemi and coach Eugene Bareman.

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