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J.P. Buys said Jacob Silva ‘went from a gargling voice to a snoring voice’ during DWCS 36 submission

LAS VEGAS — J.P. Buys doesn’t agree with the controversy surrounding his finish of Jacob Silva at Dana White’s Contender Series 36.

With the seconds winding down in Round 1, Buys (9-2) locked in a tight guillotine choke and referee Marc Goddard decided to wave the fight off with just six seconds left in the round.

Silva immediately protested, but Buys thinks Silva went in and out of consciousness right around the time Goddard broke off the submission.

“When me and him made contact in the fight, everything I went for he kinda muscled out and he was able to survive,” Buys told reporters, including MMA Junkie, at the post-fight press conference. “He’s really physical, but in that exact submission, when I had him, I didn’t have much time left. But when I had him,  I squeezed. It was on, he was gargling.

“The gargle went from a gargling voice to a snoring voice and then there was no – like his arm was in, but there was no tension or anything pushing into my arm. It was just limp. He didn’t do anything and the snoring voice and then when the ref grabbed him and shook him, I think the ref woke him up. I don’t know, I think the ref did.”

Despite the debate surrounding his finish, Buys was awarded a UFC contract, joining his wife Cheyanne on the UFC roster after she punched her ticket to the UFC just three months prior.

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