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Kevin Durand’s “No Pain, No Gain” Approach to Working Out and Acting


Actor Kevin Durand lives by the age-old expression “No Pain, No Gain” not only when it comes to training, but in his acting career, too.

“I’ve played some hideous human beings during my time,” Kevin told Muscle & Fitness. “When I read a script and I see a character I’m asked to bring to life … if I’m afraid of it then I feel like I really have to do it. When we push ourselves into really uncomfortable places, that’s when we really grow. The same is true in the gym, too.”

In many ways, Kevin’s life has centered around growth in just about every sense of the word. As a person, he’s grown from a chubby boy to a muscular man.

And as an actor, he’s grown from smalltime roles in the Austin Powers movies to fighting Hugh Jackman as Blob in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the main villain in the Joe Weider biopic Bigger, playing now on HBO.

In many ways Kevin is still growing today, as someone who battles with anxiety, an aspiring screenwriter, bodybuilding enthusiast, and more.

He spoke bluntly about all of these topics in a wide-ranging interview with M&F ahead of the premiere of his latest TV series, Swamp Thing, in which he plays Dr. Jason Woodrue, a mad scientist and creator of the title character. Swamp Thing debuts on the CW on Oct. 6.

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