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Korean Zombie vs. Dan Ige full fight video highlights

UFC Fight Night: The Korean Zombie v Ige
“The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung defeated Dan Ige at UFC Vegas 29. | Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

Watch Korean Zombie vs. Dan Ige full fight video highlights from the UFC Vegas 29 main event above, courtesy of the UFC and other outlets.

Zombie vs. Ige took place June 19 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nev. Top-10 ranked featherweights Chan Sung Jung (16-6) and Dan Ige (15-3) collided in the UFC Vegas 29 main event. The fight aired live on ESPN 2 and ESPN+. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Zombie vs. Ige, check out the live blog by MMA Fighting’s Steven Marrocco.

Round 1

Herb Dean the third man in the cage for the featherweight headliner. Zombie the first to connect with a low kick, keeping his hands and feet active as Ige covers up. Calf kick from Ige draws quick counter from Zombie. Ige targeting that lead leg, then sneaks in a left hook. Zombie traps the head on the next exchange and Ige rips the body before retreating. They trade calf kicks. Zombie ducks under a hook, and they grapple in the clinch before breaking off. Ige still going big with that body shot and hook. He follows with a double left hand down and upstairs. Zombie changes levels after chasing down another exchange, and Ige hits the mat. Pass attempt from Zombie, and Ige traps an arm before kicking his foe off. Zombie punches from overhead and stays heavy on top, wrapping the head as Ige accepts half-guard. Zombie is slowly setting up a head and arm, but Ige explodes, and Zombie isn’t able to keep position. Back on their feet, Zombie comes back with a great right hand. Calf kick to Ige follows. Less than one minute left, and both men have had their moments. Ige explodes in with a combo, and Zombie retorts with a body kick. Ige misses with his left hook, and a final charge is a bit short.

MMA Fighting scores the first round 10-9 for Ige.

Round 2

Zombie pops Ige early in the pocket, and Ige circles off, rattled. Zombie looking to intercept Ige on the way in as he explodes, and he rips a calf kick. Right hand defusing Ige’s charges. Ige will need to switch it up, and he catches a kick and wings a hook that’s blocked. They trade low kicks, and Ige whiffs again. They trade heavy jabs. Zombie sits down on two-punch combo as Ige gets close, then uses his jab to keep distance. Ige biting on the feints and takes a big right hand. Halfway point of the round, and Ige shoots in the open. Zombie torques his right arm as he fights the takedown, and that buys him time before he rights himself and pushes off the cage. Ige pressing in, undeterred, and Zombie taking the calf kick. Zombie’s rhythm throwing him off. Left hook sets up another shot from Ige, and Zombie sprawls out. Zombie’s left eye damaged, and he wraps a thai plumb before getting the takedown and snaking to the back against the fence. Now, Ige is on the defense with short time, though he’s fighting hands well enough to prevent the takedown.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Zombie, and it’s 19-19.

Round 3

Ige presses forward aggressively, and Zombie lands in close before timing the takedown again. Guillotine not there for Ige, and he’s forced to accept guard. Ground and pound from Zombie, but Ige staying active off his back. Action stalls as both men throw short shots. Elbows to the dome from Ige open up big elbows from up top from Zombie. Zombie stands, and Ige kicks out to his hands and knees. Zombie blocks reversal and takes the back again. Body triangle in, and Ige fights the hands. Safe enough, but not winning the round. Zombie, though, snakes in an arm and appears to have it. Ige quickly adjusts and survives. Cat and mouse game with punches forward and backward. Zombie controlling, but not doing much else. Ige adjusts to take away the body triangle, and Zombie is forced to give it up briefly. With 10 seconds left, Zombie tries one last time for the choke and can’t get it as time expires.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Zombie, who’s up 29-28.

Round 4

Ige again presses in with a jab before resetting. Check hook from Zombie as Ige works the jab. Ige off with a big right cross, and they bide their time nearly toe to toe, waiting for the other to fire so they can counter. Zombie dodges Ige’s punches moving backward, then goes back to his jab. Ige lands low, but Zombie counters high and scores. Ige’s lead right good, but Zombie takes it and a subsequent head kick. Another rip to the body sets up a charge to the fence for Ige. Zombie takes a couple shots in close, and he peels away. Ige rips the leg twice and takes another jab. Ige’s activity is winning points. His left hook is good in close, and Zombie whiffs a right. Less than two minutes to go, and Zombie still waiting for that perfect opportunity. Calf kick draws strong right from Ige, and a left hook glances. Ige’s body kick gets him taken down late in the frame, and they both go to work with short punches. Zombie postures up and punches down, and Ige wraps a leg. Zombie stands and looks for punching opportunities. He eventually sits down literally on Ige’s head and ends the frame with a few elbows from up top.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Zombie, who’s up 39-36.

Round 5

Zombie intercepts a leg kick with a nice punch and evades a big charge from Ige, picking spots in between to counter. Ige goes back to the leg and tries to find that big hook. He manages to land a series of hooks to the body before going upstairs, and Zombie takes them full to the face. Zombie turns into a wrestler and gets the takedown, and Ige scrambles back to his feet, looking for that winning shot. He tries for his own takedown, but Zombie fights it off. Another try, and the action stalls as both men take a brief breather. Zombie sprawls out and takes a reverse elbow. Ige redoubles his efforts to get the takedown, but has to give it up. In open range, they trade heavy punches, and a knee to the body by Zombie hurts Ige, allowing Zombie to get to the back on the canvas with two minutes to go. Back to where we’ve been on several occasions, with Zombie working to keep a body triangle as he tries to secure the choke. Ige is stuck again. He tries to cage walk and punch backward, and Zombie works to wrap the head and put an end to this. He can’t get it, and the round ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 for Zombie, who takes the 49-46 score.

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