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Promoter: Jose Canseco ‘took a dive’ at Rough N’ Rowdy 13

Following the main event of Rough N’ Rowdy 13 on Friday night, many viewers believed that former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco’s loss to Billy Football was not on the up and up. Barstool Sports founder and promoter Dave Portnoy is siding with those screaming tomfoolery.

As the fight began, both Canseco and the Barstool intern traded short punches before the former all-star was dropped and stopped in 10 seconds. The fight was over just like that.

Canseco’s character has been called into question for years, and Portnoy couldn’t help but question it following the event.

In addition, Barstool’s Sportsbook gambling site announced that they were voiding all bets put on Canseco, while still paying out for those who bet on his opponent.

This is not the first time Canseco has found himself in trouble with the boxing community. In 2011, Canseco was scheduled to compete at a celebrity boxing event in Florida, but sent his identical twin brother Ozzie in his place, promoter Damon Feldman told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Feldman stated that he paid Canseco $5,000 in advance of the fight before the no-show and switch was made.

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