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Rodrigo Fajardo & Cláudia do Val teach a sweep using the omoplata

Today, Rodrigo “Pimpolho” Fajardo, a teacher at Gracie Barra Curitiba, welcomes the BJJ superchampion Cláudia do Val into his dojo to teach one of his favorite sweeps starting from the omoplata entry — a position Claudinha specializes in.

The maneuver, which is full of details, explores the positions of entry, with attention paid to the position during the omoplata attack, already eyeing the correct adjustment for spinning and sweeping. It is also worth noting Pimpolho`s tip in the conclusion of the sweep to better stabilize and control your opponent.

Translated transcript below.

An open guard sweep here. I have my hook on the outside, hand on the collar… I always unbalance my opponent here, preparing the technique. Sometimes I do not have this grip. I kick the thigh [23s], come up, control the collar and remove the hook a little. When I remove the hook, I gain momentum with the leg and spin, getting my elbow in between my thigh and her shin. Having done this, I gain momentum with my forearm [35s] and arm here pushing the shin, and spin on my axis. Having finished doing this, I will climb with an omoplata way up high, make traction with the leg, bring her knee to my navel, with my hand from the collar, and now I turn both my elbows and invert the situation, landing here normally in side control, where I always seek to hug the head, or to always face her leg [1min3s]. I do not seek to turn while mounting. I prefer to stabilize the hip here and control down here, and control. I prefer this because I have already gone to the head, and the person comes out on my back [1min17s]. So at the end of the technique, a way of always seeking the side immobilization looking at the leg, going to the leg. I think both the sweep and its conclusion are two very important things. Not just throwing the person, but concluding well, stabilizing well, controlling well.

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