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Terence Crawford vs. Kell Brook full fight video highlights

Watch Terence Crawford vs. Kell Brook full fight video highlights from their main event above, courtesy of ESPN and Top Rank.

Crawford vs. Brook took place Nov. 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Terence Crawford (37-0) defended his WBO welterweight title against Kell Brook (39-3), which aired live on ESPN. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Crawford vs. Brook, check out the live blog from Bad Left Hook below.

Round 1: Crawford comes out to center ring and Brook throws a feint. Crawford measures with a couple of jabs and then steps off to the side. Brook misses on a jab but both fighters have been hesitant to throw anything in the opening minute of the fight. Crawford jabs to the body. Brook misses on a jab upstairs. Brook feints again and then sticks a jab upstairs. Straight right hand touches the body for Crawford but Brook lands a counter jab right after. Jab to the body lands for Brook. Jab lands upstairs for Brook again. Brook tries a one-two but doesn’t land. Jab lands upstairs again for Brook. Crawford misses on a right hand to the body. Brook sticks a left hand upstairs and Crawford misses on a left hook. Jab lands downstairs for Brook. I think Brook takes the round with his work in the last minute of the round. Brook 10-9.

Round 2: Both fighters meet at center ring and Brook tries a jab to the body. Crawford feints and then misses on a couple punches. Brook misses on his counter attack. Now Brook lands a straight jab upstairs. Brook has been having good success with his jab early. Crawford starts moving a little more laterally now Brook tries a right hand to the body. Both fighters trade jabs this time. Crawford tries to go to the body with an uppercut but doesn’t land it well. Counter right scores for Crawford. Uppercut comes from Brook which makes grazing contact. Crawford turns southpaw for the first time in the fight and tries to jab but gets countered by Brook. I’m going to edge this round to Brook too. Brook 20-18.

Round 3: Brook comes to center ring and jockey’s for position with Crawford. Crawford lands a counter left hand. Now Crawford partially lands a lead jab from the southpaw stance. Crawford steps to Brook and lands a jab. Two body shots come from Crawford, then a couple of jabs upstairs. Lead right hand lands for Brook. Staight right lands to the body for Brook. Right hand lead comes from Brook again. Two punches from Crawford come up just short. Right hand lead lands for Brook again. Right hook lands for Crawford this time. Crawford throws a right hook to the body to end the round. Crawford 10-9.

Round 4: Crawford paws with a jab from the southpaw stance and then Brook starts pressing forward, looking for a right hand opportunity. Jab lands for Brook as Crawford lands one in return. Hard shot from Crawford knocks Brook back into the ropes and Brook stumbles badly! It’s ruled a knockdown and Brook’s face is hurt! Crawford comes forward and strafes Brook with a few more hard shots and Brook is done! Crawford TKO-4!

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