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Trash or cash? Michael Chandler puts Dustin Poirier’s hot sauce to the test

Did Theo Von seriously bring Dustin Poirier’s hot sauce to Michael Chandler’s watch party?

Von, who was among many guests at Chandler’s residence for a Super Bowl watch party, decided to bring a bottle of his good friend Poirier’s “Louisiana Style” hot sauce with him.

The audacity!

Chandler couldn’t help but notice, deciding to dispose of the hot sauce bottle and toss it in the trash.

But wait! before you decide to pile on Chandler, he was just messing around. He picked the bottle back up from the trash and tried the sauce on a chicken wing.

And despite Poirier claiming Chandler didn’t deserve a title shot after his impressive finish of Dan Hooker, Chandler still approves of his hot sauce.

He even put a swipe up link on his Instagram story. What a guy!

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