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Trick Brain Teaser : Wise Cow II

Braingle’s Daily Brain Teaser for Nov 11, 2020

Today Mooey has a challenging test from his mentor. He must spell all the words correctly. If he does, he will become a mentor, and teach other cows! Mooey studied as hard as he could the night before his challenge. He is on the last word of the list, and is scared! He is sure that the first 19 words are correct, but the last word is always a secret bonus word. Can you help Mooey?

Mentor: The last word is actually two words. It is your name. (Mooey’s last name was Mooer)

Mooey was shocked! The bonus word was always extra-hard! He was just about to scrape “Mooey Mooer” in the mud, when he thought of something. It ended up making him a mentor. What did Mooey scrape in the mud?

Check for the answer.

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