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Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Jan 07, 2021

A Music Quiz : Test your knowledge on this song by the Beatles.

1. Complete the lyrics: “Close your eyes and I’ll ____ you. Tomorrow I’ll ____ you.”
2. “All My Loving” is on the album “With the Beatles” which came out in 1963.
3. This lyric is correct: “Remember I’ll always be true.”
4. Complete the lyrics: “And then while I’m away, I’ll ____ home every day.”
5. Jim Sturgess, who played Jude in “Across the Universe”, sang this song for the movie.
6. Complete the lyrics: “And I’ll send all my ____ to you.”
7. Complete the lyrics: “I’ll pretend that I’m kissin’ the lips I am _____.”
8. This song was written by John Lennon.
9. Complete the lyrics: “And hope that my ____ will come true.”
10. These lyrics are correct: “All my loving I will send to you. All my loving, darling. I’ll be true.”

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