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Trivia Quiz: Authors’ Middle Names

Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Jan 10, 2021

A Literature > Authors Quiz : While some authors are known by their first names, there are others who are better known by either their initials or their full name. This quiz will test your knowledge of the full names of these popular authors.

1. What was Henry Longfellow’s middle name?
2. What was Henry Thoreau’s middle name?
3. What was F. Scott Fitzgerald’s full name?
4. C.S. Lewis’s first name was Clive, what was his middle name?
5. What doe the “D” in J.D. Salinger stand for?
6. What was Erle Gardner’s middle name?
7. William Thackeray’s middle name was Makepeace.
8. What was Robert Stevenson’s middle name?
9. Louisa ____ Alcott was the author of “Little Women”.
10. What was “Anne of Green Gables” author Lucy Montgomery’s middle name?

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