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Trivia Quiz: Before They Were Movies- Song Edition II

Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Nov 01, 2020

A Movies Quiz : Can you name these movies whose titles were based on songs?

1. This 1991 movie, named after a 1965 Temptations hit, starred Anna Chlumskey and Macaulay Culkin:
2. This seasonal movie tells the story of a girl who uses a magician’s top hat to bring a cold character to life:
3. This 1986 movie stars C. Thomas Howell as a rich kid who makes himself appear black in order to get a scholarship to Harvard:
4. After a corporation tries to take over the brewery in his home town, Frank Macklin tells them to “Take This Job and ______ ____.”
5. In this 2003 movie, Amanda Bynes travels to England to find her father:
6. Morgan Freeman played principal Joe Clark in this 1989 movie:
7. “Helter Skelter”, the name of the movie about the Manson family murders, was taken from the “White Album” of this musical group:
8. This 1986 movie tells the story of a grown woman who is transported to her senior year of high school:
9. In this 1992 movie, Madame Ruth, a gypsy from 34th and Vine, sells little bottles of:
10. Like, it was so gnarly when Nicolas Cage and Deborah Foreman starred in this 1983 movie:

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