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Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Oct 10, 2020

A Hobbies > Games Quiz : Can you identify these fun Braingle games in this quiz?

1. In which Braingle game do players cast votes to determine who will be shot with a silver bullet?
2. In which Braingle game can you splat another player and earn pennies?
3. What game involves planting magic beans?
4. What game involves turning dance floor lights on and off?
5. The only roles in Who’s the Boss are the Boss and the employees.
6. What game involves buying ingredients, inventing recipes, and managing a virtual store?
7. Which of these games should you play if you are good at mathematics?
8. Which of these games should you play if you have a good vocabulary?
9. In The Werewolf Game, the Seer can find out whether a player is a wolf or not.
10. One Braingle game involves nothing more than using your mouse to click a button.

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