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Trivia Quiz: Choosing the Right Word

Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Oct 22, 2020

A Humanities > Linguistics Quiz : There will be a sentence with a blank space and you have to choose which word best fits.

1. Though a trained veteran is often a focused fighting machine, a raw recruit is sometimes no better than cannon _____.
2. To keep my self-respect, I must stand _______ before the high authorities and tell them the truth as I see it.
3. When the national economy is expanding, new housing developments are _____; when times are lean, construction slacks off.
4. After the formal dinner was over, we ____ to the den in order to continue our conversation in a more relaxed atmosphere.
5. As soon as I entered that charming little cottage, I noticed that everything in it was neat and ______.
6. His behavior is so _____ that we never know what to expect to see or hear from him.
7. For centuries people have turned to various kinds of religious literature to _________ themselves against the shocks of daily life.
8. “No,” she said, “I won’t _____ your ears by repeating those ugly rumors.”
9. All great athletes should know that the same fans who are cheering them in today’s game may be_______ at them tomorrow.
10. Many people find that they can turn a favorite hobby into a highly ______ business.

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