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Trivia Quiz: Guessing the European Country!

Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Jan 08, 2021

A Geography > Europe Quiz : I will give you a description of a European country…and you try to guess which one.

1. I am an island west of the U.K. My capital is Dublin. My flag colors are green, white, and orange. What am I?
2. I am a landlocked country. My people speak German. My capital is Vienna. What am I?
3. The Faroe Islands and Greenland belong to me. As of 2007, I am “the happiest country in the world”. My people speak Danish. What am I?
4. I am in the southeastern part of Europe. The colors of my flag are blue and white. My capital is Athens. What am I?
5. I only border one other European country. I am home to the Azores. I am the most western country in Europe. What am I?
6. I am another island up in the northwestern part of Europe. My capital is Reykjavik. I have many volcanoes and geysers. What am I?
7. I am the 9th largest country in Europe. I am home to the Błędów Desert. My capital is Warsaw. What am I?
8. I am home to the famous Colosseum. I am the country said to be shaped like a boot. A few of my cities are Naples, Rome, and Milan. What am I?
9. I am the second largest country in Europe. My flag and my coat of arms only have two colors (blue and yellow). My capital city is Kiev. What am I?
10. I am one of the richest countries in the world. My largest city is Zürich (not the capital). A long range of mountains called the Alps run through my small little landlocked country. What am I?

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