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Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Dec 20, 2020

A Music > Pop Quiz : How well do you know this hit by Katy Perry?

1. Complete the lyrics: “You change your mind like a ____ changes ____.”
2. These lyrics are correct: “Yeah, you always speak, always think cryptically.”
3. Complete the lyrics: “‘Cause you’re hot then you’re cold. You’re ____ then you’re ____.”
4. These lyrics are correct: “You’re out and you’re in. You’re down and you’re up.”
5. Complete the lyrics: “You’re ____ when it’s ____. It’s black and it’s white.”
6. These lyrics are correct: “We fight, we break up. We kiss, we make up.”
7. Complete the lyrics: “We used to be just like twins, so in ____. The same energy now’s a dead battery.”
8. Complete the lyrics: “Used to laugh ’bout ____, now you’re plain boring.”
9. Complete the lyrics: “Someone call the doctor, got a case of a love ____.”
10. These lyrics are correct: “Stuck on a rollercoaster, can’t get off of it.”

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