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Trivia Quiz: Monsters Incorporated

Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Oct 02, 2020

A Movies > Animated Quiz : This is a quiz about the Disney Pixar film, “Monsters, Inc.” Do you know what’s hiding under your bed?

1. Monsters, Inc. is a company that generates energy from the screams of children.
2. What is the motto of Monsters, Inc.?
3. Who is the #1 scarer?
4. Sulley’s fur has over 3,000,000 blue hairs.
5. Sulley and Mike accidentally let a little boy into the monster world.
6. What is Boo’s real name?
7. What does Boo call Sulley?
8. Mike only has one eye.
9. What is the name of the Monsters, Inc. bookkeeper?
10. In the credits there is a disclaimer that says “No monsters were harmed in the making of this movie”.

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