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Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Dec 18, 2020

A Music Quiz : This song was written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans. How well can you remember the lyrics?

1. Complete the lyrics: “City sidewalks, ______ sidewalks / Dressed in holiday style.”
2. Complete the lyrics: “In the ____ there’s a feeling of Christmas.”
3. Complete the lyrics: “Children ________, people passing / Meeting smile after smile.”
4. The correct lyrics are, “And on every street corner you’ll see…”
5. Complete the lyrics: “Silver bells, silver bells / It’s Christmas time in the _______.”
6. Complete the lyrics: “Ring-a-ling, hear them _____ / Soon it will be Christmas day.”
7. Complete the lyrics: “Strings of street lights, even stop lights / Blink a bright red and _______.”
8. The correct lyrics are, “As the shoppers rush home with their groceries.”
9. Complete the lyrics: “Hear the _____ crunch, see the kids bunch.”
10. Complete the lyrics: “This is ______ big scene / And above all this bustle you’ll hear / Silver bells, silver bells.”

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