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Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Jun 05, 2021

A Music Quiz : Many songs use numbers prominently in their lyrics. See how many of these numbers you can identify.

1. What number does Tommy Tutone dial to reach Jenny?
2. According to the Barenaked Ladies: “If I had a _____ dollars / I’d be rich.”
3. How many balloons does Nena see “floating in the summer sky”?
4. In “Mambo Number __”, Lou Bega sings: “A little bit of Jessica here I am; A little bit of you makes me your man.”
5. Tony Orlando and Dawn sing: “Knock _____ times on the ceiling if you want me.”
6. “You just slip out the back, Jack.” This is just one of “_____ ways to leave your lover” that Paul Simon sings about.
7. “I’m Gonna Be (_____ Miles)” is a song by The Proclaimers.
8. On what route can you “get your kicks”?
9. In “1234”, Feist counts to ten but omits two numbers. What are they?
10. The Beach Boys sing about a car in these lyrics: “She’s real fine my ____.”
11. Shania Twain hosts “a party for _____.”

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