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Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Jan 11, 2021

A Television > Game Shows Quiz : C’mon down! You’re the next contestant on “The Price is Right”!

1. Who created “The Price Is Right”?
2. It’s time for Plinko! What is the maximum amount possible to win with this game?
3. In what year did “The Price is Right” start?
4. When Bob Barker was the host, what message did he usually say at the end of each show?
5. After the retirement of Bob Barker, who became the new host?
6. Before she became famous, which of the following celebrities was on “The Price is Right”?
7. In order to win a showcase, your bid must be closest to the actual retail price without going _____.
8. “The Price Is Right” is the only game show that Bob Barker ever hosted.
9. What is the maximum amount of money to win in “It’s In The Bag”?
10. How much money do you need to ‘buy the car’ in “Lucky Seven”?

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