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Trivia Quiz: The Stories of Stephen King – The Basics

Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Sep 18, 2023

A Movies Quiz : An acknowledged master storyteller, Stephen King’s work has been in print and film form since 1976.

1. In “It”, the monster could take on more than one form, but was perhaps most recognizable or memorable in the shape of a clown. What was the clown’s name?
2. A jealous vehicle, this car was not above acting on its own when it came to hurting or killing those who upset it or its owner.
3. Young Danny Torrance had a special “gift”. He could see or feel ghosts and communicate telepathically. What was Danny’s “gift” called?
4. After a seeming lifetime of being an outcast among her peers, she let loose her frustrations and supernatural powers at her high school prom.
5. This dog wasn’t just mad, he was rabid!
6. A cat named Church wound up where before returning home again?
7. An old woman named Abagail Freemantle led a group of survivors across North America through dreams and in person. At the same time, a darker figure used the same method to lure less wholesome individuals to Las Vegas. What story has been described?
8. Andy Dufresne was an innocent man convicted of killing his wife. Eventually, Andy escaped from what prison?
9. What nickname was given to part of Cold Mountain Penitentiary’s death row?
10. What breed of dog was Cujo?
11. Where did the children in “It” go to confront the story’s monster?
12. What liquid was dumped on Carrie as a final attempt to humiliate her?

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