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Video: Bryce Mitchell fires guns and talks testicles in hilarious car dealership advertisement

What can’t Bryce Mitchell do?

He Twisters humans into submission in the UFC cage. He hunts, fishes and fires guns outside of it. He even rebounded from a nightmare testicle injury with a power drill.

But now Mitchell (13-0 MMA, 4-0 UFC) has dove headfirst into his latest venture as a car dealership pitch man.

In a recent advertisement for a local car dealership in Arkansas, Mitchell pitches viewers as to why they should buy from them.

The ad is a full Bryce Mitchell experience, complete with firing guns, sparring an inflatable tube man outside the dealership, a smoking reference, all leading up to one of the greatest car sales pitches of all time.

“When I ripped my tesicles open with a drill, I had to drive myself to the hospital in a pickup truck. I really wish I would’ve had this Corvette. I would’ve made it in time.”

Now that’s a sales pitch if I’ve ever heard one!

Check out Mitchell’s full auto dealership commercial in the video above.

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