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Video: Watch Mark Hunt trash talk former rugby star Paul Gallen ahead of boxing clash

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Mark Hunt in action, but if his pre-fight press conference for his upcoming boxing match is anything to go by, the fire still burns strong inside “The Super Samoan.”

Former UFC and Pride FC heavyweight contender Hunt is set to take on former rugby league star Paul Gallen in a six-round heavyweight bout in the co-main event of a fight card in Sydney, Australia, on Wednesday and, during the pre-fight press conference it didn’t take long for the temperature to rise ahead of their eagerly anticipated clash.

Hunt had already said that he’s looking forward to making his return to competition after three years away, but after hearing Gallen’s confidence in his initial remarks, Hunt responded with a strong warning for the rugby star.

“This ain’t footy. This is fighting. You should be thanking me, boy. I was talking to other people, overseas. Keep talking (expletive). … You’re going to sleep. I’ll put your ass to sleep. … I’m gonna fix you, man. I’m gonna fix you good!”

The pair continued to verbally spar back and forth, with 39-year-old former Australian international rugby star and undefeated professional boxer Gallen accusing Hunt of making excuses ahead of the fight.

But Hunt warned Gallen that he was stepping up to the top level by facing him, and vowed to add him to his list of victims on Wednesday night.

“My belief is we’re only here because of him. He wants to get to the next level. That’s what he wants to be doing here, so this is the next level,” he said. “I haven’t boxed in 20 years and I’m still gonna clean him up. That’s how I feel.”

Hunt then mocked Gallen for a prior injury he sustained in the lead-up to the bout, saying, “I ain’t the one calling ‘injury,’” he said. “You called me up and said, ‘Hey Mark, I can’t fight.’ Why? ‘Because I’m weak-ass.’ … ‘I can’t fight you. I pulled my bicep from jerking off!’ That’s the bottom line, he’s a jerk-off. Which hand did you use? Use the left hand, man, not the right hand!”

He then issued a final warning for his opponent, as he reminded 9-0 boxer Gallen of his own extensive experience in the fight game, and the veteran of 74 professional bouts across kickboxing, MMA and boxing said that he was in no mood to let anyone tell him when to retire.

“I’ll retire when I’m ready to do so,” he declared. “When I’m ready, and when I’m happy, is when I’ll retire. Not when no company tells me to retire, or no fighter, or a part-time fighter like you. … You’re not even on my level. I’ve been sitting at the top table of combat sports for two decades.”

Gallen’s response was instant. “And you’ll be finished on Wednesday.”

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