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We go to the scorecards: The top 10 busiest UFC judges of 2020

When the final horn sounds and the fight is about to go to the scorecards, everyone has an opinion on who won. Only three voices truly matter, though: those of the three cageside judges.

In 2020, the UFC hosted 41 events in 10 locations, which included 11 pay-per-view events. There were 220 decisions overall. Of those, 185 were unanimous and 35 were split.

Across those decisions, 11 individual judges ruled on 25 or more of these decisions, according to MMA scoring database MMA Decisions‘ year-end tally.

Sal D’Amato and Derek Cleary came in first and second place respectively, a flip-flop from 2019’s top two. Their 29 UFC events judged each broke the previous year-end record of 20.

Judges who were not in the top 10 in 2019, but joined the list in 2020 were Dave Hagen, Junichiro Kamijo, David Lethaby, Clemens Werner and Anders Ohlsson.

Dave Tirelli, Mark Collett, Guilherme Bravo, and Tony Weeks, who were all featured in the top 10 in 2019, didn’t crack the list in 2020.

Check out the 2020 busiest judges tally (via MMA Decisions) below.

  1. Sal D’Amato – 77 decisions in 29 events
  2. Derek Cleary – 65 decisions in 29 events
  3. Michael Bell – 58 decisions in 26 events
  4. Chris Lee – 44 decisions in 22 events
  5. Eric Colon – 43 decisions in 21 events
  6. Dave Hagen – 37 decisions in 22 events
  7. Ron McCarthy – 30 decisions in 16 events
  8. Junichiro Kamijo – 28 decisions in 15 events
  9. David Lethaby – 25 decisions in 7 events
    Clemens Werner – 25 decisions in 8 events
    Anders Ohlsson – 25 decisions in 7 events

Also, check out previous year-end tallies below:

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