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Anthony Joshua vs. Kubrat Pulev full fight video highlights


Watch Anthony Joshua vs. Kubrat Pulev full fight video highlights from the Joshua vs. Pulev main event above, courtesy of DAZN.

Joshua vs. Pulev took place Dec. 12 at the SSE Arena in London, England. Anthony Joshua (24-1) vs. Kubrat Pulev (28-2) collided in a heavyweight title contest in the night’s main event, which aired live on DAZN. Joshua was defending his WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO heavyweight titles in the contest. Catch more video highlights below.

For more on Joshua vs. Pulev, check out the live blog from Bad Left Hook below.

Round 1: Hard touch of gloves before the bell sounds, cold aggression shown from both. Tentative first 30 seconds, then AJ shoots out a couple jabs, both short, finding the range. Pulev sticks a jab toward the stomach. If Kubrat Pulev is 6’4” I’ll eat my hat. Pulev jab to the body, Joshua one up top. Nobody throwing a power shot in the first 90 seconds. Now two minutes, both just jabbing a bit, then AJ finally unleashes a right but it doesn’t get there. Staying on the jab through the first round. Joshua’s jab was probably a bit more effective. Joshua 10-9

Round 2: AJ looking like he’s ready to heat it up a bit, more purpose coming out for the start of the second, snapping the jab out a bit more often. Joshua throws shots with both hands, but Pulev blocks it all, basically. Joshua the busier right now, though it’s still mostly cautious. Pulev looking to uncork some stuff, but not getting it home. Joshua’s jab is still the better between them so far. Joshua slowing it down, Pulev not forcing anything more. Joshua goes for the power shots, Pulev blocks them again. A little talk after the bell. Joshua 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: So far, this has been mostly the AJ from last December, patient, a little cautious, not taking big risks, and Pulev isn’t making him do much more than Ruiz did then. Right hand and Pulev is hurt! Pulev hanging on and barking, but AJ is charging him! Joshua getting reckless, not landing clean stuff, Pulev HURT AGAIN ON TWO UPPERCUTS! Pulev turns his back into the corner and is ruled down! Pulev still hurt after the eight count, 40 seconds left. Pulev drilled again and he’s DOWN ON THE CANVAS THIS TIME! 10 seconds to go in the round, Pulev trying to stay away. Joshua bombing again! Uppercuts and hooks, and Pulev will hear the bell, and takes a little cheapshot, and AJ takes a bigger cheapshot! Joshua 10-7, 30-25

Round 4: Joshua is itching to get this going, referee admonishing them for the end of the third round. Joshua snapping the jab, follows with a right. Pulev’s legs aren’t fully there. He can’t get close enough to do anything in return, he needs AJ to make a big mistake, and then he has to capitalize. Pulev does come forward with a 1-2, AJ backs off some. Joshua back to the jab. Joshua staying with that, Pulev got his legs back a bit and AJ didn’t get silly, but it’s still his round. Joshua 10-9, 40-34

Round 5: Joshua continues jabbing and controlling, then lands a good right hand, though not full weight that landed. But a good, eye-catching shot. Jab, jab, jab. Pulev just can’t find anything to capitalize on, but he’s coming forward plenty. Pulev tries a right, mostly gets smothered, threw it too close. Pulev tries another right in close. Joshua with a jab to the body. Better round for Pulev, but, well. Joshua 10-9, 50-43

Round 6: Joshua throws a right early, doesn’t land. When AJ has to reset Pulev does look for a way to get in there, but he’s still having trouble with it. Pulev with a good jab, though, stiff. Pulev’s 1-2 misses, Joshua ducked under. Joshua not doing a lot this round, the last two, really. But Pulev still struggling to get work done himself. Pulev really unleashes a right, but again it misses. He’s been very predictable, but he’s at least throwing something that can make a difference if it does get there. Joshua with more jabs, then misses an uppercut. Fight getting chippy again in the clinch, Pulev throwing a lot of rabbit punches, AJ not afraid to throw on the break, ref doing nothing about either. Joshua 10-9, 60-52

Round 7: Joshua throwing the uppercuts, about four of them, none flush. Pulev with another rabbit punch in the clinch. Joshua with a sharp jab again. Jabs to the body from AJ. Pulev back with the stick himself. He’s not giving this up. Both smacking the body when they clinch again. Joshua JUST misses a huge uppercut. More chippiness after the bell. Referee has decided to let it go. Someone get a folding chair, let’s see how much we can do here. Joshua 10-9, 70-61

Round 8: Ooh, the referee has HAD IT! And neither fighter gives a shit, really. Pulev with a solid right hand after the action resumes. Joshua to the body with the jab, but Pulev sees a little opening. Joshua back to the body with the jab, Pulev misses a hook. Pulev having his best round, I shade it to him, but it certainly wasn’t clear or anything. He got a bit more consistent work in. Pulev 10-9, Joshua 79-71

Round 9: AJ back to the jab, he’s stayed on it, and they’re coming in hot early in the ninth. He’s looking to really deter Pulev again, shut down any possible momentum Pulev may have gained in the eighth. Joshua with a little hook. There’s the uppercut again, three or four times once more. They’re not hitting totally clean, but Pulev is feeling them and it shuts him down. RIGHT HAND AND PULEV IS HURT! PULEV DOWN AGAIN ON AN UPPERCUT! Pulev hurt badly here, but he’s on his feet. HARD RIGHT HAND PULEV IS DOWN! Pulev takes the 10 count, it is OVER! Joshua KO-9

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