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Bryce Mitchell was ready to sneak in camo shorts, fight security if Reebok hadn’t obliged

Bryce Mitchell was going to get his camo shorts one way or another.

The UFC featherweight was determined to wear them inside the octagon, even if Reebok, the UFC’s apparel partner, didn’t address his request of putting camo design on shorts he could wear during a fight.

On Tuesday, UFC president Dana White revealed that Reebok granted Mitchell’s wish and gave him custom camo shorts for his co-main event against Andre Fili on Saturday at UFC on ESPN+ 39.

Reebok and UFC might feel relieved the request was granted as Mitchell (13-0 MMA, 4-0 UFC) was willing to go to great lengths to grace the octagon with camo bottoms.

“I really wanted camo shorts, and I was 100 percent going to wear them, but I figured they wouldn’t let me, so I was going to wear them illegally.” Mitchell told reporters, including MMA Junkie, during UFC on ESPN+39 virtual media day. “I had this whole thing envisioned out in my head.

“I was going to walk out to the fight, they were going to check me in the ring, and I was just going to go, ‘Boom,’ and take out my sweat pants and there was going to be camo in there.

“I was going to run into the cage, and there would be security guards in the cage trying to pull me out. Then I was going to be fighting the security guards. I figured if I got the first hit on one of the dudes I could probably drop one of them, and then the other one would probably be putting up a good fight because I was hoping my corner men would jump in, because there would be more red suit dudes coming in. It’d be kind of like a little brawl.

“That’s what I was expecting to happen, so I’m really glad that that didn’t happen. I’m glad they gave me the camo shorts, and I’m doing the whole thing legally. If not, they definitely would’ve fired me, so I’m glad that didn’t happen.”

Reebook, UFC and event staff should consider themselves lucky that Mitchell got his camo gear just in time before his great plan could be carried out. The 26-year-old unbeaten prospect is surprised he didn’t have to fight anyone to sneak in camo shorts.

“I was actually really surprised,” Mitchell said. “They actually came through with the camo shorts and the whole thing. I think a lot of it has to do with Dana and my fans. They just couldn’t deny me no more because there was too many people complaining at them. I’m glad that it worked.”

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