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Photo by Ed Spider

[First published in 2013.]

One of the winners of the Natal trials for the 2013 Abu Dhabis, black-belt Bruno Ramos wants to keep up the pace. To do so, he signed up for a local Fortaleza, Ceará event: Copa Meiaguarda.

The curious part about him is that Bruno studies animal movements in defining his jiu-jitsu. “You can foresee your foe’s move, like we see happen on Animal Planet and other shows,” he says, half serious, half joking.

To prove he means what he says, Bruno broke down the cat movement he used in one of his recent matches. Take note: with the opponent in side control, Ramos creeps out his hip and gets his legs on his opponent’s torso. The climb and feline attack happen in a matter of seconds, as you can see below.


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