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Gerardo Fanny expecting slugfest vs. Jack Cartwright at Cage Warriors 115

Gerardo Fanny knows he’s in for a firefight against Jack Cartwright, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

In his promotional debut, Fanny (9-1) will challenge bantamweight champion Cartwright (8-0) in the Cage Warriors 115 main event Friday at BEC Arena in Manchester, Englannd.

The 26-year-old Dutchman, who’s finished each of his past five wins, is expecting an all-out war against fellow finisher Cartwright.

“He’s a banger. He likes to fight, so that’s very nice,” Fanny told MMA Junkie. “I like to fight, too, and we’ll see who’s going to fight it out. He comes forward, I go forward, so two people will collide. It’s a straight-forward style, so I don’t have to think of much. Let him come forward, I’ll go forward, and I really like that.

“I see him coming forward trying to take my head off. I see me going in there and taking his head off. It’s just going to be a banger. Everyone’s going to be on the edge of their seats waiting to see who’s going to throw the first punch. And as soon as we throw that punch, then we’ll see who dictates the fight. If it’s for me, it’s going to be an early night.”

Fanny knows that by challenging for the belt in his first Cage Warriors fight, he has a big opportunity ahead of him. He plans on bouncing Cartwright out of the ranks of the unbeaten in hopes of catching the UFC’s attention with a statement win.

“It confirmed for me that they see a lot of potential in me, and it’s a big opportunity to show them that in the first fight that everything they see in me is true. But for me, it’s nothing new,” Fanny said. “It’s just another fight. It’s just proving myself to somebody else. We don’t look past him, nor do we look past Cage Warriors, but we do think that will be the springboard to the UFC – that will put me on the global map.”

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