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GGG vs. Kamil Szeremeta full fight video highlights

Gennady Golovkin v Kamil Szeremeta
Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

Watch Gennadiy Golovkin vs. Kamil Szeremeta full fight video highlights from the boxing showdown above, courtesy of DAZN.

“GGG” vs. Szeremeta took place Dec. 18 at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Fla. Golovkin (41-1-1, ) battled Szeremeta (21-1) in the main event in the first defense of his IBF and IBO middleweight titles, which aired live on DAZN.

Golovkin won the fight via seventh-round TKO.

Catch more video highlights below.

For more on GGG vs. Szeremeta, check out the live blog by Bad Left Hook.

Round 1: After an eternity of MP3 player anthems, here we go! GGG looks a fair bit bigger than Szeremeta in the ring, but that might just be that he’s got a really nice tan going and Kamil does not. Might make GGG look thicker. Compared to the weigh-in he looks really filled in, though, not out of shape at all, just big and muscular. GGG getting on his jab early. Szeremeta trying to get a right hand going, and trying to jab himself. But Golovkin looks confident and calm. Szeremeta with a right, GGG back with a right of his own, then they tie up. Two good body shots late in the round and THEN DOWN GOES SZEREMETA ON A LEFT HOOK JUST BEFORE THE BELL! He’s up, bell has sounded and the round ends. Golovkin 10-8

Round 2: GGG back on the jab right away. Szeremeta trying to get inside and work but Golovkin ties him up. Golovkin staying on the jab. He looks so sharp. Right hand from Golovkin shakes Szeremeta! Kamil can’t take his power. Left hook from Golovkin doesn’t quite get there. Man you can see Szeremeta trying to figure out an attack but it just ain’t there so far. GGG backs out and Szeremeta can’t land, then back to the jab and right hand, and Szeremeta is down again on a balance shot! His legs are not good. 35 seconds left in the round. GGG looking for the closer but not forcing it, either. Szeremeta makes it through the round but this is a total mismatch. Golovkin 10-8, 20-16

Round 3: Stiff jabbing continues. Bless Szeremeta, he still really is trying, but there’s nothing he can do with GGG. Szeremeta shaken a bit again on a hard jab. Right hand after an uppercut, and another right. Szeremeta just looks out of options now, because he is. He was coming in really, if he want to be totally honest about it. Body shot from GGG. Szeremeta felt that. Right hand again from GGG, and another hook to the body. Golovkin 10-9, 30-25

Round 4: Szeremeta still working when he gets close, but Golovkin doesn’t let him stay there long. He either ties up or gets out. Jabs again from Golovkin. Right from GGG grazes Szeremeta’s chin. Kamil slaps with a left hook, he doesn’t have the power to truly keep Golovkin honest. GGG strays just a bit low on the hip with a right hand. Right hand, LEFT HOOK AND SZEREMETA GOES DOWN AGAIN! Is there a point to this anymore? No offense to Szeremeta. But on we go. GGG has a minute to finish. Right to the body from GGG. He’s not pressing, just looking for shots. Body shot again. Golovkin incredibly calm in the ring. Golovkin 10-8, 40-33

Round 5: GGG with another right to the body early in this round. Left to the body, right up top. GGG not reckless but starting to go for it, it appears. Szeremeta with a right. Another one gets in. Just no stank on those shots, though, or not nearly enough anyway. Hook to the body from GGG. Right to the body after jabs up top. Right to the ear from GGG. There is nothing Szeremeta can do in this fight, there’s really no point to this anymore. It’s not a fight you’d normally call off but, I mean, what is Kamil going to do? Right hand Golovkin. Moral victory round for Szeremeta, so he’s had 40% those thus far. Golovkin 10-9, 50-42

Round 6: Kind of want to see GGG go for it and finish here. It’s been his for the taking from the get-go, definitely in the last three rounds. Uppercut from Golovkin rocks Szeremeta’s head back again. Right hand GGG, right from Szeremeta. Not meaning to disrespect Kamil, he’s really trying. Keep saying that but it should be said, he’s giving the effort, the best he can. This is his shot. 1-2 from GGG, but didn’t pull heavy force on it. He’s taking the round halfway off, maybe. Hard jabs from GGG again. Any argument for Szeremeta in the round ended there and wasn’t strong to begin with. Golovkin pressing again in the last 10 seconds. Golovkin 10-9, 60-51

Round 7: GGG comes out launching the assault, he’s throwing the power shots now. Szeremeta ties him up. Down goes Szeremeta on a power jab! He was throwing at the time so it was partially balance but it was a heavy jab, too. He’s up again, and on we go, but GGG has a lot of time, almost two minutes. He’s attacking, Kamil ties him up. That’s the best thing he’s able to do at this point, really. Szeremeta’s gonna make it through another round, but dude, there’s no reason to keep going here. Golovkin 10-8, 70-59, and the referee stops it after the round for the TKO.

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