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Language Brain Teaser : Double-Nitions II

Braingle’s Daily Brain Teaser for Dec 14, 2020

Many of our everyday words have more than one meaning. Below are 13 pairs of definitions; both definitions in each pair fit the same word. When read down, the first letters of the word will spell out the name of the first person who invented the first modern pinball machine.

1. Small quantity of water or let fall

2. Airplane parking area or kitchen garment

3. Empty space or rug cleaning machine

4. Significance or ship in foreign merchandise

5. Boat’s floor or pack of cards

6. Some eyewear or drinking vessels

7. Mountain scenery stop or fail to notice

8. Bank employee or narrator

9. Screw groove or sewing cord

10. Portion of a trip or table support

11. Creamy color or tusk material

12. Divisible by two or balanced

13. Young Girl Scout or chocolate dessert

Check for the answer.

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