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Trivia Quiz: “National Treasure” – Who Said It?

Braingle’s Daily Trivia Quiz for Feb 27, 2023

A Movies > Quotes Quiz : “The greatest adventure history has ever revealed.”

1. Who said, “It’s surrounded by guards and video monitors and little families from Iowa and little kids on their eighth grade field trips”?
2. Who said, “Did Bigfoot take it?”
3. Who said, “Is she pregnant?”
4. Who said, “We’re more like treasure protectors”?
5. Who said, “Yeah…the aliens helped them”?
6. Who said, “You all right, Ben? No broken bones? A jump like that could kill a man”?
7. Who said, “I’d be very excited to learn about it, Riley”?
8. Who said, “Albuquerque. See I can do it too. Snorkel”?
9. Who said, “Had we lost the war, they would have been hanged, beheaded, drawn and quartered, and, oh, my personal favorite, and had their entrails cut out and burned”?
10. Who said, “I’m just trying to hide from my ex-husband”?
11. Who said, “This isn’t a day for ‘um'”?
12. Who said, “When are we gonna get there? I’m hungry. This car smells weird”?

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