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Video: Robert Degle submits Sean O’Malley in grappling tournament final with heel hook

Robert Degle (center) says he’s an “an even bigger” fan of Sean O’Malley after the match. | Photo via Sean O’Malley

Leg-lock specialist Robert Degle submitted UFC fighter Sean O’Malley in a grappling match over the weekend at a Grappling Industries tournament final in Phoenix, Ariz.

A black belt under John Danaher, Degle forced O’Malley to tap to a heel hook after attacking the same right ankle he injured during his most recent UFC bout with Marlon Vera a little over a month ago.

Degle released the footage of the match on his social media, adding he has nothing but respect for the UFC fighter.

“For Sean to compete in such an event demonstrates a very respectable desire to grow as a martial artist,” Degle wrote. “Realistically he had nothing practical to gain by doing this event. The man has over a million followers and is surely making bank in MMA. So why do the event? We spoke afterwards and he explained that he simply loved JuJitsu. I hope the experience of competing against me helps push him to further development as a martial artist. I was a fan before but an even bigger one now.”

Watch the match below.

O’Malley posted a photo on his Instagram page of him in the podium next to Degle, writing, “I love being around the Jiu Jitsu community and competing.”

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