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Video: Ronda Rousey was in tears while eating spicy wings on ‘Hot Ones’

“Hot Ones” is one of the best internet shows out there. If you’ve never watched, it basically goes like this: Host Sean Evans conducts interviews with celebrities while eating 10 chicken wings that increase in spiciness, ranging from mild to holy-sh*t-your-burning-a-hole-on-my-tongue.

There have been sports figures on “Hot Ones” during its 11-season run but never someone from MMA – until now.

UFC Hall of Famer and WWE star Ronda Rousey was on this week’s episode, and oooweee was she feeling the heat as tears ran down her face during the final few wings (Da’ Bomb is always the one that gets ’em).

“My tears are burning my face,” Rousey says at one point. “I feel like the hot sauce went in my nose, I sniffed it up, it went into my tear duct, and it is, like, coming out burning my face.”

Sounds about right.

While there was a lot of that toward the end, the 22-minute episode did yield some interesting nuggets, including Rousey talking about how she became obsessed with armbars because of her mom and judo coach AnnMaria De Mars.

“It actually started back in my judo days,” Rousey said. “My mom, her philosophy was, ‘If you throw somebody, they could just not count it. If you get somebody in a pin, they could just tell you to get up. If you get somebody in a choke, they could tell you to get up, and the person takes a deep breath, and they’re fine. But if you get somebody in an armbar, and you break their arm, and they don’t count it, the other person only has one arm. And if you lose to that person, then you deserve to lose. So you should just get really good at armbars.’”

Hey, it’s what worked during Rousey’s rise to superstardom in the UFC.

Check out the entire episode in the video above.

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